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Tux studio is a business that was born from the history and determination of its two founders, Carola Panico, a stylist and seamstress who started out as a young woman in the trade with training skills capable of completing a project from concept to finished product with excellent results, and Daniela Mazzeo, a craftswoman with extensive experience and knowledge of handmade work using tools and techniques from the past.

In early 2019, they decided to set up a small production workshop for their own clothing line.
The workshop grows and in a short time is structured to handle the complete cycle of work as Italian Style.
The past tradition and the desire to innovate have made Tux Studio focus on handmade crochet techniques.

Since then, quality and professional level have always increased, but the love for tradition, meticulous attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship are the same as when the company was founded.
Tux Studio makes the convinced choice to focus on Made in Italy for fashion houses with a product and service of the highest quality, as demonstrated by the various works in the portfolio.

From classic to avant-garde knitwear, Tux Studio is an all-Italian know-how that starts from afar and always looks a little further afield. 
Tux Studio is made up of people who put their heart, soul and knowledge into it. Our mantra is ‘Quality’. 

Our services for you
Modelling and pattern development
We can develop any kind of pattern and thus create a paper pattern, regardless of the technical difficulty. We will ensure that the end result is perfect.
Our services for you
Style and graphic design
Thanks to our multi-disciplinary team of stylists, tailors and craftsmen, we can take care of the entire graphic and stylistic design phase of your your brand to bring your idea to life.
Our services for you
Hand embroidery
The ancient technique of hand embroidery comes to life on our garments, and allows us to create unique patterns, thanks also to the use of stones, stress, corals and other decorations.
Our services for you
Do you want crocheted garments in your brand? Our tailors master one of the most popular techniques in the handmade world, thanks to which we can design patterns for you to follow until the desired garment is produced.
Our services for you
Thanks to the skills of our staff, we can create garments and lace using the needlepoint technique. This decoration lace can be used to create elegant and unique garments for a refined result.
Our services for you
Knitting with needles
The ancient art of knitting comes to life in the Tux Studio workshop. Knitting is excellent for creating soft, stretchy and durable garments.
Our services for you
Our experts can create garments in macramé, the technique that uses knots to create fantastic weaves. With the macramé technique, you can create everything from the smallest accessories to garments.
Our services for you
Cross stitch
Would you like specific decorations on your garments? We can develop any design you want thanks to cross stitch, the embroidery that allows you to create patterns on fabric. We start from the development of the patterns to the finished weave, and achieve incredible results.
Our services for you
Working on canvas mesh
To create bags and clutches that are durable and beautiful, our staff work on canvas mesh. We can design the product from scratch to achieve the desired result for your brand.
Our services for you
Hand-weaving process with cloth
We can create a fabric from scratch using the hand-weaving process with cloth. This traditional technique results in fabrics of the highest quality, and gives us the opportunity to create exactly the ideas for your brand.
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Discover a world made just for you

Discover a world made just for you

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Tradition, Detail, Excellence


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